Drinking Water

Safe and accessible drinking water starts with effective, regulated treatment of source water. De Nora filtration, disinfection, oxidation technologies – from basic gravity filters to advanced oxidation processes – have been ensuring the safety of our communities for decades.

With groundwater and surface water sources increasingly challenged by population growth, climate change, and stormwater and industrial runoff, ensuring public access to safe drinking water is driving new innovations in treatment technologies. More stringent drinking water regulations address issues that didn't exist even one generation ago, including nutrient pollution, micropollutants, and contaminants of emerging concern (CEC).  Perchlorate, chlorate, TTHM, bromate and other disinfection byproducts (DBPs) that can result from disinfection residual need to be prevented or addressed. Aging infrastructure is of particular concern in the U.S., causing lead, copper and other contamination in the distribution system.

From traditional treatment options like deep bed filtration and gas chlorine disinfection systems to advanced oxidation technologies that remove micropollutants, De Nora is committed to innovation in safe drinking water. By combining technologies for advanced treatment, improving products for water and energy efficiency, and developing more intuitive and intelligent solutions, we are always improving the treatment process for use – and reuse – of our limited water supply.

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