Municipal Wastewater

Treatment of municipal wastewater is critical to preserving our environment and meeting regulatory requirements. Removing solids, nutrients and inactivating pathogens can all be accomplished using De Nora technologies.

Treatment of municipal wastewater is critical to protecting both the environment as well as human health.  Excessive nutrients in the water can cause problems with algae growth and oxygen deprivation in the receiving water bodies.  In addition, human pathogens need to be neutralized in order to protect the health of those living downstream.  Another emerging concern is trace organic contaminants, such as biopersistent pharmaceuticals which can impact organisms living in the receiving waters.

From traditional treatment options like deep bed filtration and gas chlorine disinfection systems to advanced oxidation technologies that remove micropollutants, De Nora is committed to innovation in wastewater treatment. By combining technologies for advanced treatment, improving products for water and energy efficiency, and developing more intuitive and intelligent solutions, we are always improving the treatment process for use – and reuse – of our limited water supply.