Food and Beverage Production

De Nora is involved in many critical aspects of Food and Beverage production. Critical applications include disinfection and filtration to produce high quality ingredient water, cooling water treatment and vegetable washing. Disinfection technologies are also used in animal production such as dairy operations and poultry production. Whatever the challenge, De Nora is your partner of choice for innovative technology solutions.

De Nora - the Technology Leader in Food & Beverage

The De Nora culture of continuous improvement provides our partners with the latest technologies to help improve processes, product quality, and food safety.

De Nora provides advanced technolgies for ingredient water, including:

  • DE NORA TETRA® filtration system for particulate and iron, manganese and arsenic removal
  • ClorTec® and MIOX® disinfection solutions to improve or keep water safe
  • UATTM Reverse Osmosis for dissolved solids (TDS) removal
  • SORBTM Trace Contaminant Removal
  • Capital Controls® Ozone for enhanced control, including vegetable washing

Our partners rely on De Nora for exciting advances to continually improve their products.  One such example is the introduction of the ClorTec Gen III on-site hypochlorite generators which have the lowest chlorate byproduct production available, providing a cost effective option to minimize this emerging contaminant of concern.

Not only can we improve your product water, but De Nora offers a full suite of products to treat indirect contact or non-contact water sources, such as can cooling water, environmental cooling water, wash water, and many other application types.

Find out why we are the Partner of Choice for major international food and beverage producers - and how we can help you!