Steel Manufacturing

De Nora is a global leader in sustainable technologies, offering energy-saving products and water treatment solutions. For sixty years, the world’s top steel producers including Nucor Steel, ArcelorMittal, SDI and U.S. Steel have been relying on DE NORA TETRA™ filters for the removal of mill scale and oil and grease; side-stream filtration of cooling tower water; river and well water intake for process and drinking water, plus discharge water from the facility

De Nora delivers reliable filtration process expertise and global innovation with its DE NORA TETRA® Denite® pressure and gravity filters for water and wastewater treatment, DE NORA TETRA® Denite® denitrification systems, and submerged aerated biological filters.

With the proven performance and longevity of DE NORA TETRA® filters coupled with pioneering technologies like electrodes for electrochemical processes and groundbreaking disinfection technologies, De Nora provides solutions to the challenges of industrial water treatment processes.

DE NORA TETRA® Filters help to improve mill efficiency and production throughput as well as providing cleaner water to improve product quality and reduce maintenance.

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