Issue #5 - June 2019

In 2019, De Nora acquired MIOX and this issue features content about the the deal - from the reasons behind the acquisition, an insider's perspective on the transition and Paolo Dellacha, De Nora CEO, gives a view of what De Nora hopes to achieve in the water space globally in the coming years.

In her first interview for De Nora, Dr Mirka Wilderer gives her impressions of the company after 100 days and what her hopes are for the future. We also give an overview of different technologies on the market for disinfection of water and the different applications that each is best suited for.

Welcome from Mirka

Capital Controls G50 Chlorine Dioxide

Product Snapshot: Capital Controls Chlorine Dioxide Generators

For generations, the Capital Controls® name has been synonymous with expert chlorine gas handling. And with hundreds of chlorine dioxide generator installations around the world, De Nora has leveraged that expertise to develop the new Capital Controls® G50 - a modern, flexible, and safe line of chlorine dioxide generators. The gas-chlorite system is designed for use with commercially available chlorine gas and 25-31% sodium chlorite. 

Capital Controls G50 Chlorine Dioxide
Advantage of the Capital Controls G50 include:

  • 40 years of chlorine dioxide experience
  • Inherently safe all-vacuum system
  • Up to 2,500 lb/day (50 kg/hr) on a single skid
  • Uses existing chlorine gas feed infrastructure
  • Does not form TTHMs, effective over a wide pH range, oxidizes iron and manganese