Issue #8 - June 2020

Welcome to issue #8 of Water Made Easy, the De Nora Water Technologies newsletter. In this issue, we introduce our new #TogetherWeCare program, and explain why Legionella might be something important to consider as we come out of lockdown.

Also, we have lots of new video content including highlights of how De Nora has been helping in the fight against covid-19 and we officially launch our brand new webinar series to you.

Together We Care - Video Gallery


De Nora invites you to join us for webinars to help keep you updated on the latest developments in water treatment. With subjects ranging from overviews of available technologies for different applications, in depth views on specific technologies, updates on regulatory standards and suggestions on what to look for when you're evaluating solutions, we have applied nearly 100 years of operation into bite sized presentations for your benefit.

The first two webinar series are:

  • Removing contaminants from drinking water (3 webinars)
  • Managing marine sewage - what you need to know... (5 webinars)

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NEW: CECHLO system replaces liquid chlorine containers in populated areas

With nearly 7.5 million citizens in a tight 426-mile territory, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The Hong Kong Water Supplies Department has responded to the safety concerns posed by the transportation and storage of liquid chlorine containers in highly populated areas with a new hybrid disinfection system. The system, which has been installed in ten of Hong Kong’s water treatment plants, generates and applies chlorine on site using existing plant infrastructure. The unique configuration combines established Capital Controls gas feed technology with industrially proven CECHLO-MS on-site sodium hypochlorite generator to eliminate the transportation of 6,200 liquid chlorine ton containers in the crowded area.