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By: Dr Mirka Wilderer, CEO De Nora Water Technologies

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Oronzio De Nora, the father of electrochlorination, discovered in 1923 that a disinfectant (also known as bleach) could be safely produced on-site by applying electricity to a simple saline solution. For the century that followed, the company Ozonzio founded on that principle has been helping to shape the way our communities and customers address today’s disinfection challenges. Today, De Nora’s team of more than 1,600 people across the world – from Tokyo to Houston - is addressing the public threat of COVID-19.  

The Together We Care program is De Nora’s response to these unusual times that we now find ourselves navigating together. The initiative brings together the De Nora team’s fully rounded knowledge and expertise in manufacturing optimized and fully automated on-site disinfectant production equipment to protect the public from the effects of the novel coronavirus. Together, as a team and with our partners, we are empowering our communities to take control of their health by safely producing cost-effective disinfectants when and where they need it, without the risk of supply chain interruptions.

With nearly one hundred years of disinfection production experience, serving communities is at the heart of the De Nora mission. Sharing our expertise and jumping in to solve problems side-by-side with our partners and customers is one way that De Nora can help in this unprecedented crisis. Because although we are experts at generating disinfectant using simple ingredients, we are more than just efficient equipment manufacturers. We are mothers and husbands and grandparents and children, and we care about the health and well-being of our people.

With experience gained through the development, production, and continual improvement of on-site disinfectant generation brands ClorTec® and MIOX® systems, De Nora has also studied national and World Health Organization standards to apply that knowledge to provide disinfectants and bleach in the field safely. As a partner of choice for industry, government, and individuals, De Nora has strong relationships with our partners – customers, vendors, distributors, and manufacturers. We are leveraging those close relationships, and our internal technical expertise to meet the urgent need for sanitization at the local level. De Nora and our partners are quickly responding together to ensure humane care and safety – as well as business continuity - in the face of the need for increased disinfection protocol.

When COVID-19 illness rates began to explode in our home country, De Nora, headquartered in Milan, initiated an immediate response, partnering with Italy’s Civil Protection department to deploy multiple mobile units around the country. De Nora donated several Systems to the Municipality of Codogno in the SARS-CoV-2 red zone, centrally positioned at the Civil Protection headquarters. Starting March 9, the systems produced 800 liters per day of solution, increasing to 1,000 liters – to date over 44,000 liters have been produced. De Nora distributed the generated sanitizing solution to 48 Italian municipalities for use in healthcare facilities, ambulances, hospitals, the armed forces, schools, retirement homes, fire brigades, veterinary clinics, cleaning cooperatives, and cemeteries. 

This is one of the activities we do...We have four machines supplied by De Nora …..we produce sodium hypochlorite at the percentage of is requested from across the Lombardy Region: Varese, Pavia, Mantua, Cremona, Lodi, ..we are producing about 1,000 liters a day of sodium hypochlorite solution at 6,000ppm that we give to all those who need it: municipalities, healthcare facilities, hospitals”  said Marco Vignati,  Head of the Lodi mobile civil protection unit.

Together with System Hygiene Srl, a company active in sanitization, De Nora is, in the words of director Stefano Evangelisti, “…supporting the community in these months using hypochlorite, including the Municipality of Velletri, the City Police, Italian Post throughout the national territory and other organizations. In particular, we use hypochlorite to treat sidewalks, museums, public buildings, offices, gyms, vehicle depots, and ambulance depots.” 

De Nora distributor Fehr Solutions was quick to adjust to the changing needs of his customers at O’Hare International Airport and Northwestern University in Chicago, where De Nora MIOX units are treating industrial cooling water for years. When the pandemic broke out, they quickly pivoted to use the disinfectant produced from their existing units for interim surface disinfection to maintain the health and safety of travelers and students.  

And in Texas, we responded to the urgent need for disinfectant of several communities close to our Sugar Land offices by providing large mobile ClorTec units to generate ready to use disinfectant, which was distributed by Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s office to 12,000 families, as well as for cleaning squad cars, offices, and jail cells.  

As the world starts to look ahead to a post-pandemic reality, there’s still a lot of uncertainty. One thing we can be sure of, though, is the ongoing need for reliable access to disinfection solutions. And De Nora will continue working with our partners to understand those needs, providing the peace of mind that comes with a steady, sustainable source of disinfection to safeguard their operations and ensure the safety of their communities. 

As businesses and communities seek to return to the new normal, and re-opening begins, De Nora has not stopped. Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring new technologies and approaches, to solve the Surface Disinfection challenges faced by us all. We remain committed to ensuring that safe, sustainable, surface disinfectants are available for all who need them. 

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