Impressed Current Anodes

De Nora Tech is the leader in mixed metal oxide (MMO) anode technology for Cathodic Protection. Lida® and Elgard® anodes are protecting bridges, parking garages, pipelines, storage tanks, marine ports, and many other critical structures world-wide.  Our anodes are still operating 20+ years after installation.

De Nora’s impressed current anodes are the most reliable anodes in the market because we only use Grade 1 or Grade 2 titanium substrate and we manufacture and apply our own propriety coatings.

Our insoluble anodes meet or exceed NACE standard:

Installation is simple and lightweight compared to other impressed and sacrificial anodes.  For conventional anode solutions, look to De Nora’s Lida® anodes.  If you need to protect concrete, Elgard® is the answer.

No matter what form you need – rod, wire, tube, disk, ribbon, or mesh – we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver anodes that meet your precise specifications.