Catalytic Coating

DSA® electrodes are activated by depositing layers of noble catalytic oxides in succession, that enable or facilitate electrochemical reaction.

Long Life


High Performance

Coating formulations are based on metals of the platinum family like iridium, ruthenium, platinum, palladium and rhodium. The composition and deposition process determine the characteristics of the coating, favouring the desired reaction, while inhibiting undesirable side reactions. Coating thickness range from 1 to 100 microns and require compliance with strict deposition protocols.   

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The know-how accumulated over almost 100 years has led us to a vast coating portfolio that finds application in a wide range of electrochemical processes, used for: 

  • the production of essential chemical components 
  • refining metals fundamental in our life
  • surface treatment of accessories and components of daily use
  • the improvement of functional features of electronic devices and batteries
  • the protection of steel reinforced concrete structures from corrosion
  • water disinfection  
  • special applications 

De Nora owns hundreds patented formulations of catalytic and protective layers or covered by industrial trade secrets. 

De Nora’s expertise in electrochemical processes and specialised coatings allows us to develop bespoke catalysts for our customer’s chemical processes, creating significant value in terms of efficiency, power consumption, product quality, life expectancy and reduction of waste and by products.

More than 300 coating formulations in our portfolio.

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