Innovation in Diaphragm Cell Chlor/Alkali Technology: PMX® Asbestos-free separator

PMX® asbestous free separator is a polymer-based material technology that qualifies as the Best Available Techniques (BAT) for diaphragm cells (Industrial Emission Directive 2010/75/EU – Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control – JOINT RESEACH CENTER – 2014).
PMX®​​​​​​​ is a unique solution that combines the durability of fluorinated polymers and ceramics coupled with a depositing technique to create the optimum separator for diaphragm cells in the Chlor / Alkali industry. This diaphragm material is far superior than asbestos: non-carcinogenic, resistant to most chemicals, washable, with more durable mechanical properties and improved ohmic resistance.
Diaphragm structure can be customized and fine-tuned according to final users’ process needs: the separator is suitable for a variety of brine and operating conditions (up to very low CD <<1kA/m2 and very large size cells).
The dimensions of PMX® fibers are orders of magnitude larger than the dangerous carcinogenic limits, therefore harmless to human health.

Key features and advantages over the existing PMA (Polymer Modified Asbestos) technologies:

Asbestos (Modified)

PMXTM non-Asbestos

Degeneration of performance from start-up to end of life;

No degeneration, the diaphragm can be easily regenerated;

Diaphragm cannot be repaired;

Diaphragm can be repaired with no penalties in performance;

Economic life of 12 to 18 months.

Re-diaphragm frequency;

Cell downtime and maintenance;

Economic life more than 3-6 years;

Re-diaphragm frequency is dramatically decreased;

Lower hydrogen in chlorine and lower chlorates in caustic can be achieved;

Adaptable to brine purity: from 200 to 4,000 ppb hardness;


Asbestos is more resistive;


7÷10% lower energy consumption than asbestos;


Environmental and regulatory concerns;

Availability limitations;

Harmless, nontoxic.

No political or environmental regulation concerns since PMX™ does not contain any restricted materials.

No limitations or concerns in supply availability.

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