Surface Disinfection

Disinfecting surfaces has been and will continue to be critical in protecting the health and safety of customers and employees.  ClorTec® and MIOX® systems are generate a chlorine based solution right at your site on an as-needed basis.  While offered in a range of sizes, the ClorTec® 2+ is ideal for a wide variety of facilities.

ClorTec 2+ On-Site Generator

The ClorTec® 2+ is a compact, fully automatic on-site hypochlorite generator designed so that anyone can use it.  With its integrated salt storage tank, owners simply fill it with a few bags of salt, connect it to a water supply and plug it in.  Once connected to the product tank, it can be making bleach solution in just a few hours.  Turning the toggle switch to “on” starts the process.  From there, the generator operates automatically based on level in the solution tank.

  • Produces 60 gallons per day (225 liters per day) of 0.55% (5500 ppm) sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Can be used full-strength or diluted depending on the bacteria or virus of concern
  • Fill spray bottles, mop buckets or other containers to use anywhere you need disinfection
  • About the size of a home water softener, it can fit anywhere in your facility

Ideal for anyone that uses about 4 gallons of household bleach per day, or 2 gallons of industrial strength per day, units are available for immediate delivery.

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