Diaphragm cell

This technology uses a vacuum deposited fiber separator (the diaphragm) to divide the anodic and cathodic sides of the chlor alkali cell.



High performance


The diaphragm cell produces at the cathode a “liquor” containing diluted caustic soda and sodium chloride in solution that must be than treated to recover the concentrated sodium hydroxide.

De Nora owns the two main diaphragm cells technologies: Diamond Shamrock and Hooker, and in the past spent considerable efforts to upgrade these cells and cell components to reduce power consumption and increase process environmental and safety standards, allowing the persistence of this technology despite the massive introduction in the ‘70 of the more performing membrane cells.

This technology is today still widely used in US, where the low power costs lead to a long payback time for the diaphragm to membrane replacement.

Beside the proprietary technologies: Diamond Shamrock and Hooker, De Nora provides electrodes and coatings for any type of cell in any range of current density and operating conditions.

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