Membrane cell

Membrane technology uses brine and electricity with a proton exchange membrane separator between electrodes to produce chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen

Between the three different chlor – alkali production technologies, membrane is the most modern, the less energy demanding and produce caustic with the higher level of purity. Today is the only technology adopted for new installations.

In the last decade, De Nora collaborated first with ThyssenKrupp Electrolysis GmbH and then with its joint venture company tkUCE in developing the most innovative and performing membrane cell technologies (BM Generation 6 and nx - BiTAC).
In parallel De Nora developed its proprietary anode and cathode coating formulations able to sustain the high design current densities of modern membrane electrolyzers, providing superior performances in term of: voltage saving (specific energy consumption), gas and caustic soda quality, life time.



High Performance


Recoating and technical services close to you

For the membrane cell De Nora offers a variety of solutions and services:

  • Maintenance and refurbishment / retrofitting and electrodes reactivation of tkUCE cell technologies (BM single element and BiTAC). This service is provided directly to the end customer in China and through tkUCE outside China
  • Maintenance and refurbishment / retrofitting and electrodes reactivation of De Nora cell technologies (MGC, Asahi Glass, DD)
  • Maintenance and refurbishment / retrofitting and electrodes reactivation of any other type of cells

Our worldwide presence and flexible structure enable us to react quickly offering reactivation services based on customers’ needs, minimizing turnaround times.
The availability of spare elements to be offered on a lease base, helps to minimize production losses during the recoating cycle.

At De Nora, we have developed recoating and repair procedure that include leak tests performed on 100% of the anodic and cathodic elements, thus assuring the 100% mechanical reliability of the recoated elements

Our coating portfolio allows the best choice of anode and cathode coating couples to optimize energy specific consumption and product quality.

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