Copper Foil

Leading electrode business with reliable products and development capabilities

Thanks to a century year of experience, De Nora can support the copper foil manufacturing industry with electrodeposition cell design and electrolytic process optimization, allowing to operate at a very reduced electrodes gap and to produce ultra-thin copper foil.

We offer

  • Patented anode technologies for all electrodeposition cell designs (detachable panels, radial and segment anodes), based structures and supporting frames.
  • DSA® anodes for electrochemical surface treatment of metal foil, to provide the final product attributes
  • Highest level of field service and maintenance agreement for anodes refurbishment, recoating, repair, refreshing service for lead removal
  • Customized offers, including leasing contracts and periodic monitoring of anodes performance
  • Collaboration and partnership: technical assistance and De Nora laboratories collaborate with metal foil companies to optimize operating condition or qualify new additives influencing anode performances, and to develop innovative electrolytic coatings able to achieve the most challenging requirements in terms of surface morphology and internal structure.

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Copper Foil DSA detachable panels

Our insoluble anodes allow operation under varied operating conditions to produce a full range of quality foils and thickness (including ultra-thin foil), covering many applications:

  • PCBs manufacturing, largely diffused in all the electric and electronics equipment we generally use in our daily life
  • as anode current collector for lithium batteries that find application in smartphones, notebooks, personal computers and electric vehicles

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