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Gas Diffusion Electrodes and Catalysts

Fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy by reacting hydrogen gas with oxygen to produce water and an electrical current. De Nora has a long history of supplying catalysts as well as gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) from a wide variety of commercially available gas diffusion layer (GDL) carbon papers or cloths for most GDE technologies or for other applications such as sensors or hydrogen pump technology.

Our history goes back to the early ‘90’s where our E-TEK® products became the industry standard.  

Today, we have an automated industrial production line where we can make catalysts and GDE’s at high volume (low cost) and premium quality.  In addition, we are very willing to work with customers on their own specific customized solutions at our global research facilities.  We have already partnered with several customers, such as AFC Energy, to provide them with products customized to fit their specific operating needs. 

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