Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore oil & gas operations require safe and reliable solutions that meet strict IMO/BV and Coast Guard regulations with certification for operation in hazardous areas (IECEx/ATEX). For over 30 years, the industry-standard sewage treatment plant is the De Nora OMNIPURE™. SANILEC® and SEACLOR® are cost-effective and low maintenance solutions for biofouling prevention and the disinfection of produced water

De Nora Offshore Oil and Gas


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Biofouling Control

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Offshore Wastewater Treatment

Offshore oil & gas operations with humans onboard must have an efficient and sanitary process to dispose of human waste and wastewater. OMNIPURE™ uses an electrolytic and electroflotation process killing 99.9% of the fecal coliform bacteria. Our unique system design allows for ‘on-demand’ treatment, providing real-time in-situ oxidation and disinfection while also providing minimal power usage when not treating. The reverse polarity electrolysis cell extends the time between routine cell cleaning saving time and maintenance costs.

Fire Protection Water Treatment

Circulating untreated seawater throughout the fire protection system of offshore drilling rigs and production facilities allows the growth of various organisms that eventually clog up the pipes in these systems. Each facility must rely on the fire protection system to work when needed. De Nora’s Seawater electrochlorination systems SANILEC® and SEACLOR® create sodium hypochlorite on-site used to prevent the biofouling of the fire protection system and prevent the growth of mussels around the jockey pump. These systems eliminate the risk of transporting bulk chemicals to and from the offshore location and replace ineffective bulk dosing with a continuous low concentration dose of sodium hypochlorite.

Produced Water Discharge Disinfection

Many exploration and production companies have learned that disinfecting produced well water before discharging the water overboard, eliminates Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB’s) that creates H2S, prevents corrosion of their equipment, and assists in reducing the oil content in the produced water. By injecting Sodium hypochlorite created by SANILEC® or SEACLOR® after the separation of the produced water from the oil and gas, the produced water remains bacteria-free preventing the formation of H2S and extending the life of their equipment.

Drinking and Clean Water Production

Offshore production rigs need a supply of clean water for drinking water and other uses.  Desalination systems are the perfect solution.  Using Reverse Osmosis membrane systems, seawater can be treated to remove salt and total dissolved solids (TDS) to acceptable levels for human consumption.  Small, compact, and energy efficient, De Nora UAT™ Reverse Osmosis systems are ideally suited for the demands of the offshore market.

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