Onshore Oil and Gas

Effective water treatment is a critical factor in ensuring optimized and profitable upstream and midstream operations in the production of hydrocarbon resources. De Nora’s containerized ClorTec® electrochlorination systems are designed to withstand rugged operational conditions and with a single purpose: reliable delivery of water treatment chemistry anytime and anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly

"Drinking Water" quality chemistry generated on-site as needed

Lower Operating Costs

Just pennies per barrel treated

Enhanced Safety

No transportation of hazardous chemicals, only salt and water is used

Improve Water Recycling

Reuse more water than ever before

Disinfection of Oilfield Waters

Uncontrolled populations of oilfield bacteria such as Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB), Iron Related Bacteria (IRB), and Acid Producing Bacteria (APB) can cause a variety of operational issues in the oilfield, including reservoir souring, microbially induced corrosion (MIC), and formation plugging. 

De Nora’s containerized ClorTec® electrochlorination systems are a readily deployable means by which these bacteria can be controlled. By delivering sodium hypochlorite, a highly effective disinfection agent, treated oilfield waters can see bacteria populations reductions of 99.999% or more, ensuring that these bacteria will not contaminate water, wells, and equipment.

Oxidation of Produced Waters

Due to cost pressures from ever increasing volumes of produced water, scarce freshwater resources, and more stringent environmental regulations, oilfield operators are actively looking for ways to better manage their produced water resources.

De Nora’s containerized ClorTec® electrochlorination systems can help meeting produced water treatment challenges. Sodium hypochlorite can not only eliminate hydrogen sulfide, but it can also oxidize naturally occurring iron, which helps in the removal of both iron itself as well as total suspended solids from the water.

Oxidative treatment, coupled with settling tanks and filtration, can be used to produce a clean frac-ready brine that is also free of bacteria. Treated produced water is also readily used in injection wells for enhanced oil recovery or salt water disposal.

How De Nora Helps

De Nora’s ClorTec® electrochlorination systems are used in oilfield applications to generate and deliver sodium hypochlorite at any point in the upstream and midstream water utilization cycle.

  • Produces 0.8% sodium hypochlorite concentration
  • Produces a mild pH solution
  • Uses only water, salt, and electricity as consumables
  • Costs only pennies per barrel treated

All of which make ClorTec® system the safest and lowest cost oilfield water disinfection option on the market.

Find out how we can lower your per-barrel treatment costs or request service if you are already using De Nora equipment.