Printed Circuit Board

De Nora DT® plating anodes have become the primary choice in copper-via-filling and mSAP electrodeposition processes for manufacturing both HDI printed circuit boards and semiconductor substrates.

Uniform copper deposition, reliable via filling ability, elimination of surface roughness and minimum additive consumption make De Nora DT® anodes the solution for today’s challenge in the electronics industry.
De Nora DT® anodes are offered in standard and custom designs to ensure optimum performance:

  • Uniform plating distribution and excellent throwing power
  • Extremely low additive consumption without membrane
  • Improved plating bath life with stable performance
  • Less bath maintenance by reducing toc
  • Long service life and elimination of anode maintenance
  • Increased equipment productivity by high current density operation

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De Nora also provides:

  • Total anode solution in combination with relevant additives and copper replenishment
  • Full scale engineering service for upgrading from soluble to insoluble process
  • Optimal anode configuration for existing plating line
  • Technical support in troubleshooting
  • Customized offers, including leasing contracts and periodic monitoring of anodes performance
  • Recoating service

Our insoluble anodes are largerly applied by leading PCB manufacturers and are selected by equipment suppliers for their vertical continuous plating (VCP) lines and horizontal electroplating equipment. De Nora coatings, marketed under the DT® brand, have been qualified by all main chemical vendors and are compatible with all plating chemicals, including the latest generation.

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