Surface Finishing, Plating and Galvanizing

De Nora Mixed Metal Oxide anodes are used for plastic or metal surface finishing treatments such as plating with chromium, zinc, tin, gold, nickel and rhodium or for electrolytic passivation processes


Long Life

Energy savings

Operating cost reduction

Many appliances of daily life are surface finished by electroplating processes to protect from corrosion, to enhance functional proprieties or simply for decorative purpose.
Our Mixed Metal Oxide anodes are designed for use in plastic or metal surface treatments such as plating with chromium, zinc, tin, copper, nickel, gold, rhodium as well as other electrolytic passivation processes. Finished products are utilized in a wide variety of markets including automotive industries, building and consumer goods industries like bathroom fittings, appliances, jewellery, electronics and various others.

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We serve and we extensively cooperate with automotive and metallurgical industries, galvanic finishing industry and plating shops, plant engineering companies and primary chemicals firms.

De Nora DSA® anodes are exceptionally long-lived even at very high density or severe operating conditions, enable stable operation, energy savings, throwing power, reduced additives consumption and operating cost reduction.

We custom your anodes: the wide experiences and countless worldwide applications of our products enable our technical experts to design the best product for your application by selecting the most appropriate base structure, applying a unique intermediate layer for base protection and offering a coating formula to best enhance your plated product quality.


High Speed Electrogalvanizing (EGL)
Electrotinning (ETL)
Chrome Plating
Steelcord Plating
Via Filling Copper Plating PCB/PWB
Annealing and pickling line (APL)
Anodizing of aluminum
Metal Plating and recovery