Chrome Plating

DSA® anodes used in hexavalent and trivalent chromium plating, allowing to achieve precise and accurate finishing in specialized geometries.


Unique design


High durability

Auxiliary anodes, Hard chromium plating

De Nora offers a wide variety of anode solutions for hexavalent chrome.  The primary customers of hexavalent chrome, automotive and decorative fixture markets, require enhanced localized chrome deposition due to the unique size and design of the parts. De Nora’s auxiliary anodes are a perfect solution for parts with unique geometries that need precise and accurate finishing.

Mixed-Metal Oxide (MMO) coated titanium anodes are characteristically lightweight and geometrically flexible.  This assures ease of installation and quick change-over on the plating line.  Utilizing titanium structures, and custom formulated MMO coatings, the auxiliary anodes are capable of multiple refurbishments; providing a cost-effective life-span.

De Nora DSA® auxiliary anodes are designed to provide:

  • Uniform current apportionment in plating of recessed areas
  • Proper deposition of copper/nickel/chromium plating thicknesses
  • Cost-effective process

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Greenchrome™ trivalent chrome plating anodes

De Nora GreenchromeTM anodes are being recognized as the best suited solution for almost all major chemistry supplier’s trivalent plating baths. De Nora GreenchromeTM anodes are characterized by a high durability and are specifically designed to preserve the integrity of the trivalent chromium bath, by preventing its oxidation to hexavalent chromium. 

Our anode solutions are utilized within automotive, consumer goods, sanitart and plumbing industries.

We help sustainable innovation. We partner with chemical suppliers and galvanc shops to sustain healthy and enviromentally compliant processes.