Electrophoretic Painting Anodes (E-Coat)



High Durability

Unique Design

De Nora Dimensionally Stable Anodes are used in anodic or cathodic E-coat operations to charge painting baths. These anodes allow complete coverage and consistent finishing across the submerged parts. DSA®  anodes ensure throwing-power which results in a strong, uniform finish, and efficient use of paint.

Mixed-Metal Oxide (MMO) coated titanium anodes are characteristically lightweight and geometrically flexible. This assures ease of installation and quick change-over on the electrocoating line. Unlike stainless steel, the titanium substrate does not dissolve in operation. Therefore, iron contamination does not exist which results in cleaner light-color paint baths, less sludge deposit in the anode cell, and maximum corrosion protection. Additionally, insoluble anode structures can be refurbished; extending service life. 

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