With its flexible footprint, ease of operation and significant economic benefits, the De Nora US Coast Guard Type Approved BALPURE® electrolytic disinfection ballast water treatment system is the preferred method of ballast water treatment among ship owners and managers



Unique Design / Advanced Engineering

Installation Flexibility

Cost savings

Regulatory Compliance

Aquatic invasive species transferred via ballast water to non-native waters are a scourge throughout the maritime world. De Nora BALPURE® ballast water treatment offers new and retrofit vessels a reliable treatment solution to comply with the most stringent ballast water regulations.



The De Nora BALPURE® system’s unique slip stream treatment approach allows the electrolysis generation equipment to be remotely mounted - away from the ballast lines- and all other system  components split into small sub-assemblies to maximize installation flexibility. This slip stream technology approach allows for operation in low-salinity, low-temperature water quality environments.


  • Ideal for retrofits as well as new build vessels 
  • Patented slip stream design increases operational flexibility 
  • Self-cleaning electrode design with optimized power usage 
  • Suitable for both safe and hazardous zone installation
  • De Nora electrochemistry experience includes 90+ years and more than 6,000 electrochlorination installations 
  • Designed for compliance with IMO Type Approval and USCG Type Approval rules

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