The original mixed metal oxide anodes for cathodic protection, an innovative alternative to traditional cathodic protection anodes for corrosion prevention. Since 1990 more than 3000 of LIDA® anodes have been installed in 30 countries.


Easy to install, handle and transport

Robust, long-lasting design


With more than 500,000 anodes installed, LIDA® anodes have been offering reliability and creating connections you can trust for nearly forty years.

Developed in the 1980s as an innovative alternative to traditional cathodic protection anodes for corrosion prevention, De Nora LIDA® anodes are the original mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes. 

The groundbreaking lightweight material design of LIDA® MMO anodes dramatically simplified the installation of cathodic protection for industrial steel structures everywhere - from pipelines, underground and aboveground storage tanks, locks and dams, to offshore platforms and water boxes. For decades, LIDA® MMO anodes have provided a tough yet lightweight solution for dependable cathodic protection that’s easy to install and features a unique mechanical connection for widespread dependability.

All LIDA® MMO anodes are manufactured with a titanium base and a precious metal oxide coating. The mixed metal oxide is a crystalline, electrically-conducive coating that activates the titanium and enables it to function as an anode. When applied on titanium, the coating has an extremely low consumption rate, measure in milligrams per year. Operating in soil, freshwater, mud, or seawater, patented LIDA® MMO coatings demonstrate very high chemical stability even in environments with very low pH values. And unlike other impressed current anodes, LIDA® coatings are not affected by the generation of chlorine. In combination with a chlorine resistant wire lead, LIDA® anodes offer a great solution in salty and brackish environments.             

Up to five-years warranty, you can trust that original LIDA® MMO anodes will deliver exceptional results. Come home to LIDA® MMO anodes.

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Why choose De Nora LIDA® Anodes?

LIDA® Tubolar Anodes

LIDA tubolar Anodes


  • Lightweight, flexible mixed metal oxide anode
  • Connection with unique copper ring crimping process. The connections are helium pressure checked
  • Up to five-year warranty


Groundbeds: Deep, Shallow, Vertical, Horizontal, Open Hole

Marine: Sea Water, Brackish Water, Mud

Fresh Water

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