UAT™ Electrodeionization

UAT™ EDI systems take RO permeate and continuously produce ultrapure water for the semiconductor, power, and specialty chemical industry. Compared to traditional mixed bed ion exchange systems, high purity water is produced at a lower operating cost without the need for regeneration chemicals


High Purity Water Production

Low Operating Cost

No Hazardous Wastes Produced

Small Footprint / Modular Design

Electrodeionization is the combination of ion exchange resins, ion exchange membranes, and electricity to separate ions from water.  The ion exchange resins behave exactly like a mixed bed polisher, however the electric field aids in the hydrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and hydroxide ions which continuously act as regenerants.  The combination of technologies allows for > 16 MΩ-cm water to be continuously produced with no downtime for operator intensive regeneration procedures.  The chemical free regeneration also minimizes storage and waste handling equipment, creating a small footprint and economical system.  The concentrate stream from the EDI is typically lower TDS than the raw plant water and can be re-used for other purposes (depending on the application) to increase efficiency.

Why UAT™?

  • Continuous high purity water (> 16ΩM-cm) production without the need for operator intensive regeneration procedures
  • UAT™ EDI modules don’t require regenerant storage or waste neutralization pits – minimizing footprint and CAPEX costs.
  • Low energy consumption means higher efficiency and low OPEX costs.
  • Piping, instrumentation, and electrical components are included, and skid mounted for easy implementation   
  • Combination with UAT™ RO systems provides consistent and reliable feed quality for smooth operation

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