De Nora Symposium

Since its foundation, De Nora has recognized the importance of building a strong connection with universities, national laboratories and other stakeholders of innovation, as a tool to develop technologies and deepen scientific knowledge. For these reasons, De Nora hosts a by-invitation-only Symposium every year. This event is designed to create a sustainable, active, and interactive communication network between leading academic communities and our R&D and Innovation groups.

Over the years, this event led to the creation of a global network of universities, national labs, research centers, technology transfer offices, and small and large companies. This network set the basis for many important collaborative research projects and participation in industry-academia consortia in the US, Europe, and Japan.  

Some examples are De Nora’s involvement in NEWT  (Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment), NAWI (National Alliance for Water Innovation), WaterEurope; several government-funded projects, such as Elcorel (Electrochemical Conversion of Renewable Electricity into Fuels and Chemicals, closed, EU), SelectCO2 (Selective Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to High Value Chemicals, EU), EcoSynBio (Formate as an Energy Source to allow Sugar Fermentation with no net CO2 Generation: Integration of Electrochemistry with Fermentation, ARPA-e); other collaborative projects with great partners such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Vanderbilt University, University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University, Arizona State University, University of Turin, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne University of Utsunomiya, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

All editions of the De Nora Symposium:
•    2021 – 10th De Nora Symposium  (R&D locations & virtual)
•    2020 – 9th De Nora Symposium  (virtual)
•    2019 – 8th De Nora Symposium (Milan, Italy)
•    2018 – 7th De Nora Symposium (Cleveland, OH)
•    2017 – 6th De Nora Symposium (Milan, Italy)
•    2016 – 5th De Nora Symposium (Cleveland, OH)
•    2015 – 4th De Nora Symposium (Fujisawa, Japan)
•    2014 – 3rd De Nora Symposium (Cleveland, OH)
•    2013 – 2nd De Nora Symposium (Cleveland, OH)
•    2012 – 1st De Nora Symposium (Cleveland, OH)