Our expertise

Proud to develop products recognized for their performance as the benchmark 

Decades of product innovation and experiences support the continual improvement of the performance of a diversified and growing portfolio of electrodes, electrochemical technologies as well as water disinfection and filtration technologies. Our International Research team that counts on a peculiar mix of chemical, process, mechanical and manufacturing expertises, it is able to develop new electrochemical devices (electrodes, electrolyzers or systems) starting from the initial conceptual phase up to the test of industrial-size prototypes. 

The satisfaction of our customer requests is key for us. Existing and innovative technologies are oriented to marketplace and customers’ requirements and development by mean of certified processes which respect the highest standards for Environment, Health, Safety and Ethics in an optic of full Sustainability.
Innovativity is our most distinctive characteristic, accompanied by scientific accuracy and precision, supported by the wide company know-how, built over almost a century of history.

We are specialist in developing Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coatings for oxygen, chlorine and hydrogen evolving reactions, high-potential flow batteries and high-overpotential evolving oxygen electrodes. 

The electrode is a complex product which combines a set of domain and competences: each one of them determines the result. Every single step in the electrode preparation affects the result.
The observation during preparation, the sensitivity in results interpretation, the experience and the competences are essential for the generation of a successful product.

At a glance:

4 research centres in Milano - Italy, Concorde - Ohio USA and Fujisawa and Okayama - Japan
+ 350 different inventions (more than 3500 single Patents)
+ 90 single Trademark Signs (more than 650 single marks)
+ 70 Researchers and Specialized employees from all over the world

The vast background acquired over time is energized by international research teams that count on highly skilled PhD.’s, scientist and engineers and technicians fully committed to continue the journey started by our Founders.

Our development programs focus on:

  • Chlor-alkali and chlorinated products (hypochlorite, chlorate, perchlorate)
  • Alkaline and PEM water electrolysis for green hydrogen production
  • Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) for chlor-alkali, HCl electrolysis, fuel cells 
  • Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) for CO2 conversion to chemicals and green fuels
  • Electrometallurgy (electrowinning and electroplating)
  • Electrodialysis and salt splitting
  • Water disinfection, Water treatment
  • Water treatment processes (AOP, EOD, disinfection, purification)

our capacity to deliver what customer want is supported by well established long term partnerships.

New Application Research (NAR)

Our research team of qualified people work together to develop electrodes and related cell components for Water disinfection, Water treatment, Alkaline and PEM water electrolysis for green hydrogen production. 

Our NAR researchers are as well working in many different other projects related to the development and test of Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDEs) for Fuel Cells, CO2 conversion to chemicals and green fuels and Energy conversion.

In the field of Water Treatment one the most important new research topic we are studying electrodes for Advanced Oxidation that produce molecules for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) abatement and finally water purification.

Last but not least, they improve via disruptive technologies our DSA® coatings used in electrochemical cell for oxygen, chlorine and hydrogen evolving reactions, high-potential flow batteries and high-overpotential evolving oxygen electrodes.

Electrodes and Engineering Technologies

Our international team of researchers, technicians and engineers work in synergy with internal and external customers to develop new products and improve the existing ones.
The inputs for our development projects usually come from the market analysis, customer desires, manufacturing needs – conveyed by our business development, sales and operations colleagues – but also from technology and scientific advances that are scanned and evaluated by researchers themselves.  
The researchers’ and technicians’ competences include the design of new products but also the planning and performance of testing protocols and pilot plants, tailored for the specific application and field of our running projects. 

The activity of De Nora Engineers is supported by the most advanced instrumentation and design tools resident in R&D departments (e.g. Computer Aided Design, Multiphysics Finite Element Modeling).

A dedicated lab is available for Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) manufacturing. GDEs are electrodes that allow to operate cells in which one of the reactants is in a gaseous form. In our lab is possible to manufacture small and medium scale GDEs with customized characteristics of hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity, electrical conductivity, gas permeability and bubble point. De Nora’s strong industrial expertise in this field supports the choice of both materials and manufacturing procedures to obtain the desired features in final lab-scale GDE.

Global Intellectual Property

De Nora since the foundation has trusted in the value of protection of the inventions starting from the first patents relative to the electrolytic cell construction that laid the solid bases for the development of new technologies and improvements on electrodes features that have permitted the economic growth of De Nora during decades.

In the last 20 years the Global Intellectual Property Department has grown up in terms of number of people working on, the expertise and services provided to De Nora group affiliates.
Our group works closely together with the researchers, the top management, the market, and business development, and the legal department does mean that we are crosslinked with the main function of the company. 

Production Technologies

Production Technologies (PT) is a corporate function with the main mission of bridging R&D and Operations, realizing projects for new products industrialization and technology know-how transfer among R&D laboratories and local production plants, as well as from plant to plant in the different De Nora’s legal entities.

In their role, PT members drive the New Product Industrialization process scale-up and prototyping maintaining and sharing the intellectual capital on products and production technologies and providing technical support for product modification and improvement, as well as ad-hoc technical requests.