A worldwide network of production facilities to meet customers’ needs promptly and correctly.

De Nora manufacturing facilities are distributed worldwide in thirteen sites in Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and India, with more than one thousand specialized workers, well trained to a high level of EHS and operational skills. De Nora’s plants are certified to international quality standards and equipped with state-of-the-art coating production lines, metalworking machinery, and tools.
With a production capacity of up to one million square meters of electrodes - including advanced gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs) and next-generation electrodes for new applications in renewable energy storage such as water electrolysis -, De Nora is the coatings supplier of choice when it comes to industrial electrochemistry. 
Manufacturing capabilities are not limited to the application of electroactive coatings: our manufacturing footprint spans from the synthesis of powder catalysts, the preparation of Non-asbestos separators for the chlor-alkali process, the assembly of components, electrolyzers, skid-mounted systems to the assembly of proprietary water treatment equipment that is all performed within our global network of plants.

The organization of De Nora’s manufacturing plants is "glocal": local experiences and centers of excellencies for certain products are globally leveraged, sharing best practices across the factories' network striving to effective continuous improvements.