Supply Chain

Supply chain management is critical to ensuring competitiveness.

Supply chain management is a critical driver in ensuring competitiveness.

Supply Chain management is seen from an end-to-end perspective to foster cross-functional interaction between all involved company departments to provide the best customer service.

Supply chain management at De Nora operates at three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. From a strategic perspective, high-level strategic supply chain decisions impact the entire organization as leverage to keep market leadership, develop the business, and secure customer loyalty.

These strategic Supply Chain (SC) processes are a seamless chain that connects all the different business functions (end to end) through a global ERP, implemented in the latest cloud-based version, covering the other plants. All efforts to improve and streamline SC through process digitalization are also supported by specific projects in the Operations and Procurement areas to pave the way for fully Integrated Business Planning in the coming years.