Our governance

Our Board of Directors along with the Management Committee ensure that  strategies, policies and resources are used to meet our business objectives and targets in all our organizations worldwide.

Paolo Dellachà, De Nora CEO, with Corporate and Regional Chief Officers

At the 3rd generation of being a fully private family-owned company, looking for company’s further grow, De Nora family opened few years ago to the private equity fund Blackstone, which took over slightly less than 1/3 of the shares. 

De Nora is a managerial internal Group, led for more than 10 years by the CEO Paolo Dellachà, supported by a few Corporate Chief Officers leading the relevant professional families worldwide, and organized in 2 Divisions:
•    Water Technologies, led by the WT CEO Mirka Wilderer and structured in a matrix organization made of Regional Hubs crossing Global Business Units.
•    Electrodes Technologies, structured in 4 Regions led by Regional Chief Officers.